Simple Steps to Success with Mutual fund Investments for the New Investor

Mutual fund investments have caught the attention of quite a few investors these days, since they are capable of catering to a wide range of investment appetites. From the small investors to the big ones, the mutual fund market is capable of accommodating them all. However, financial consultant Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan opines that while the mutual fund market seems quite exciting to the new investor, it requires careful study and the observance of a few guidelines that can truly help them make the most of and utilize this investment vehicle to their benefit.

According to Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan, the first step towards a successful run in the mutual fund market is arming yourself with knowledge. Studying the finer nuances of mutual funds is an absolute essential for anyone who is looking to make it on their own in this dynamic market. Not only are you required to be familiar with the basic concepts regarding mutual funds, but also know the market well enough in order to take on the next step confidently.

Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan mentions that the next step to successful investing in the mutual funds market is asset allocation optimized for risk. A balanced portfolio is key when it comes to leveraging mutual funds as investment vehicles. You would need to create a portfolio with complementing financial products rather than those that simply perform like each other if you truly wish to outperform the market instead of following the indexes. Quantifying your risk appetite against returns and then seeking out the top complementing financial products is the best way to optimize your portfolio. Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan suggests that only once a financial vehicle has ticked every risk, return and minimum expectation on your checklist should you handpick it to add to your portfolio.

The final step to ensuring continued success in the mutual funds market according to Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan is constant monitoring and reassessment. To make sure that your portfolio performs optimally and continues to do so, you would need to keep a close watch on your various financial products along with the general condition of the market. Since the market is sensitive to social and political changes as well, Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan suggests that following current affairs along with the business trends will be of utmost importance. Also, ensuring that the products perform within your preferable risk tolerance levels will help make certain that you continue to enjoy the benefits of investment for longer.

Tips on Effective Asset Allocation by Richard Cayne Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan

One of the trickiest aspects for any investor who aspires to grow his or her wealth these days is to zero in on an optimum asset allocation plan. According to Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan, asset allocation plays a critical role in the performance of investments. The success or failure of one’s asset allocation plan has a direct impact on the kind of returns one can expect. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to create an asset allocation model that helps extract the best out of your investment portfolio advises Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan.

The first and foremost element to be considered when diversifying and formulating an asset allocation plan is risk. Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan advises that you must be aware of your risk appetite, or in other words, the amount of risk you are willing to take with your hard earned money. While everyone would like their investments to bring in high rates of return, one must always remember that they come at the cost of high risks in the portfolio. For instance, while fixed income schemes from the bank ensure returns and the safety of your investment, they also lead to low returns. However, investments into equities or forex trading will yield higher returns, but tend to take the worst hit once markets go volatile. Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan suggests that asset allocation should be conducted in such a manner that risks and returns are well balanced, so that you may enjoy decent returns even during highly unstable market conditions.

Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan says that the most popular investment vehicles to be considered during asset allocation are mutual funds, hedge funds, equities, fixed income deposits and bonds. Most individuals opt for a mix of the above investment vehicles to create a portfolio. While asset classes with high returns always appeal to individuals, they are not always fit for their portfolio since they entail high risks as well. Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan suggests that hiring the expertise of a seasoned financial advisor can help individuals zero in on the perfect asset allocation mix for them. Veteran financial advisors will always help their clients narrow down to a mix that not only takes care of their financial goals, but also ensures security for their investments. Richard Cayne of Meyer Asset Management Ltd Japan says that factors such as current income, age of the investor, objectives for investment, risk tolerance and so on help financial advisors formulate the perfect asset allocation plan for individuals, which shall give them assured returns even during trying market conditions.

Why Mutual Funds Have Gained Popularity – Meyer Asset Management Ltd

Mutual Funds have become a buzzword in the world of investments and not without good reason. Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo explains that mutual funds have been gaining favor with both high profile investors as well as salaried individuals, since they are not only widely marketed, but also carry a host of benefits over traditional investment vehicles. According to Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo, one of the biggest benefits that have been drawing people to invest in mutual funds is dedicated portfolio managers. The fact that individuals have access to an investment vehicle that makes the most of the market and offers them ready advice from a professional is what makes mutual fund investments all the more attractive.

Another factor that works in favor of mutual funds is automatic diversification. Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo mentions that since mutual funds work on the principle of collective funds being invested into a variety of asset classes, they automatically offer you the benefit of diversified investments. By routing your money into a variety of assets, your mutual fund portfolio managers make sure that you benefit from certain returns with mitigated risks. Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo also considers liquidity to be a major role in the increasing popularity of mutual funds. Though mutual funds have certain restrictions on liquidity; however, most come with terms that make them relatively liberal in terms of liquidity and you can access your money in a timelier manner.

According to Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo, another lucrative aspect about investing in mutual funds is liberty of choice. As an investor, even though you are guided by portfolio managers, you have the liberty to choose from a range of stocks, bonds and money market funds that offer you a return in correspondence with your risk appetite and long term financial goals. This unique combination of autonomy and guidance helps individuals gain confidence in their investment decisions, in turn leveraging the opportunities presented to them. The chances of faltering is minimized to a great extent as well with mutual funds, as Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo advocates that even if an individual is about to take an unsound step with regard to his/her portfolio, their dedicated managers will advise them about the right path. In this manner, mutual funds have been able to garner the trust of investors over the years and have become one of the most sought after investment vehicles in the market today.

Richard Cayne – Helping You Get The Best International Life Insurance Account

With over 17 years of experience, Richard has gained a reputation that is well known around the International Investment industry in Asia.

It is an undeniable fact that today life insurance is almost a necessity for everyone. With uncertainty everywhere,  you never know what can happen next and therefore it is very important to at least minimize the risks. For this reason a good life insurance plan may make sense for you.

There are a number of companies as well as agents and consultants available to help you select the life insurance package for you. However with so many options available, now the question arises it is ok to go for any consultant or company? Not all consultants offer the right unbias advice as their main objective is to make money from you. But then is it not possible to get the right person to offer you the right advice? Richard Cayne believes it is if you are dealing with a professional that takes their reputation as a professional as serious as the advice they give.

At present Richard Cayne is working as a Managing Director at the reputed firm known as Meyer International Ltd in Bangkok in Thailand. Prior to this position, he worked as a financial consultant for over 15 years in Tokyo,  Japan. During this long career, he assisted a very large number of people by supplying useful information and guided them to select the right insurance options.

It is through his quality work that he has gained a kind of reputation that is really very difficult for most of the agents or consultants to acquire. During this period, he offered guidance on a number of matters and helped people get known to the most suitable and reliable options for them.

Richard Cayne offers guidance on a number of matters like asset allocation, personal financial planning, Investing, offshore investment, financial consulting, private banking , hedge funds and to name a few.
So if you are in trying to determine which International life insurance option that can benefit you in the most suitable manner, then let Richard Cayne help you out. Let his years of experience and unblemished reputation in the market assist you in choosing the right path. You can certainly discuss a number of other financial matters with him and gain knowledge through his experienced advice.

All About Richard Cayne Meyer Asset Management Ltd.

The investment into an insurance policy is a very crucial decision where one has to be very careful at the time of taking the decision. To take a correct decision one should either study in detail about the topic or should seek the advice from a financial expert who can help you in the right direction. Whenever the topic of a good financial consultant comes up in Asia the first name that comes to mind is Richard Cayne Meyer.

Richard Cayne is a popular man who has a unique identity in the field of investment and has gained much popularity and the respect of his peers within Asia. Presently he is working as a Managing Director of Meyer Group of companies and prior to this Richard Cayne was a financial consultant for around 17 years and has worked in countries like Bangkok Thialand and Tokyo Japan.

To help people in a dilemma about investments Richard Cayne Meyer Asset Management Ltd. has provided some important points to make people understand that to make an investment is a wise decision if:

  • The mutual funds that are offered are available in varieties of forms like money market funds, stocks, balanced funds, bond funds and many more. The company offers varieties of portfolios which depend on the capability of an investor’s ability at risk tolerance. Where the chances of risks are more there the benefit rates are also very high. So if you can afford to take a risk, then you might be able to get the profit beyond your expectation.
  • Richard Cayne Meyer Asset Management Ltd. also stated that properly planned investments will surely benefit you in the long run especially if coupled with tax efficiency. Tax obligations may be reduced depending on the situation of the individual which is one reason why many look at offshore investing.
  • In this type of investment you can maintain privacy of your investment so no one other than you will be aware of what you have. You just have to tell the company about your expectations and the company will take all the necessary and appropriate actions to meet your expectations.

The company has gained huge popularity among its customers because of its excellent services and high customer satisfaction. So if you are looking for the right financial advisor for you, then you can count on Richard Cayne for sure.

Richard Meyer Cayne – How to Feel Comfortable Taking the Investment Leap of Faith with Your Hard Earned Money

After working hard to save some money after all taxes paid and expenses come out of your income if you manage to save a good portion of it then do you have the stomach to look at investments which may not perform as expected?  This is a tough decision to make for most people says <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Richard Cayne at Meyer International in Bangkok Thailand</a>.

Particularly if you have invested over the past five years you know all about roller coaster rides and this can really be stressful for many people.  One way to feel comfortable about the roller coaster or the volatility that your funds may experience in the markets is to understand why the volatility exists and what influences are out there which could impact your investments.  Richard Cayne of Meyer has been guiding Asian based High Net Worth Individual clients (HNWI) on what to do with their hard earned money for the last 17 years while working for over 15 years in Tokyo Japan and now a few in Bangkok Thailand.

Richard Cayne explains how the regulatory regime in Asia and around the world has changed so much to where it is better having your investment advisor or financial consultant located in a separate country to where you are not only due to confidentiality issues but also so as to stay within the laws as Richard points out that these days due to registration requirements of not only the investments but also the consultants themselves it is not easy to get truly global unbiased advise from a consultant within your own country anymore.  Local consultants are now very much restricted as to what investments they can talk about due to the necessity of most of those to be first registered for sale within that country before they can talk about or intermediate between the client and the respective investment company.

Here at <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Meyer International Ltd based in Bangkok Thailand</a> we are the servicing operational arm of Meyer Asset Management Ltd which is a world renowned financial services firm with ties to over 200 major international Investment firms, banks and asset managers and Richard Cayne has helped develop this large network or relationships over the past 15 years.  Meyer is now truly able to offer full investment consultations on a global internationally competitive basis.  Meyer Asset Management Ltd is truly the company to speak with before taking that leap of faith with your hard earned money.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Richard Cayne</a> based in Bangkok Thailand is Managing Director of the Meyer Group of companies which is part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings ltd a London UK stock market listed financial services holding company.

Meyer International Richard Cayne – Life Insurance Simplified

Richard Cayne Meyer Asset Management Ltd says; In its simplest form, life insurance is financial leverage. A small pool of money creates a large pool of money, guaranteed and risks free, for the purpose of funding an identified goal or objective. Term life insurance is what most people think of when they think of life insurance. Term life insurance provides a guarantee of a pool of money for a specific number of years, at a guaranteed (never to increase) annual cost, as long as the premiums are paid; usually for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. The expectation is that at the end of the term, the protection will no longer be necessary, and the policy may be allowed to lapse (you may lapse a term policy at any time by ceasing to pay for it).

Replacement of Income

We use term insurance frequently to provide for replacement of income to a family who is dependent on a “breadwinner’s” income for living expenses, college funding, retirement funding etc. If we plan correctly, we will accumulate assets during the earning years such that at retirement, the client will be able to produce his or her own income from assets when there is no longer income from employment. Term life insurance guarantees that the “gap” between today and retirement will be filled if income ceases due to death of the income earner prior to fulfillment of planning. The downside says Richard Cayne at Meyer International Ltd based in Bangkok Thailand is that Term life insurance is inexpensive, has no internal cash value, and may be exchanged for other types of life insurance which do.

Planning for Certainties in Life

The other most often used type of life insurance is Universal Life. Universal Life is permanent death benefit life insurance. Universal Life has myriad applications in financial planning, as the death benefit cannot be outlived. Using this financial leverage usually makes fiscal sense when there is a need to create permanent liquidity. Many of my clients use Universal Life to create an estate or to protect an estate. In case you don’t think you have an estate; you do. Your estate is all of your “things”, including your financial assets, property, hard assets like art, sculpture and collectibles, your furniture, cars etc… All of it. Death eventually produces financial liability to the beneficiaries, one way or the other. Even small estates have expenses, and providing for the extinguishing of these expenses helps to ensure order and facilitate the completion of your plans and aspirations for your beneficiaries.

Richard Cayne Meyer Asset management Ltd having lived in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years can certainly say that Japanese like other nationalities with larger estates can be devastated by taxes and expenses if advance planning is not good, and I don’t know a single case where the client found it preferable to force the sale of estate assets to pay taxes and expenses rather than have the expenses paid from the proceeds of a life insurance policy which bought those dollars at a deep discount; often a fraction on the dollar. I’m safe in saying that everybody understands that they will have to pay for these inevitable expenses with discounted dollars as opposed to paying for them dollar for dollar. Some clients want to leave a financial legacy to children, grandchildren, or a charity. Universal Life allows them to leave a guaranteed, tax free financial legacy which was secured at a deep discount. Richard Cayne having consulted on many larger Japanese estates says Japanese like other nationalities particularly Asian ones do not like talking about death although inevitable but planning for this earlier rather than later will ensure that your wealth can be passed on in the most cost efficient manner to those you care about.

Richard Cayne is Managing Director of the Meyer Group of companies and based in Bangkok Thailand at Meyer International Ltd. The Meyer Group has ties with over 200 global financial institutions and is part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings a UK Listed company.